Swedish Workshop Online 2021

20-23 April 2021

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April 20, 2021
Duration: 4 Days

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Swedish Workshop Online will run for four days, April 20-23, where the first day will be our USA day and the last day will be dedicated to our Asian markets, China and India, to accommodate the time difference. On April 20-22, our USA and European days, each meeting will be 20 minutes with a 15-minute break between each meeting's sessions and on April 23, our Asian days, each meeting will be 30 minutes to meet any need for interpretation/translation. This service will be provided by Visit Sweden.

The times for the workshop are

20 April USA, 14:30-21:00 (CET)

21 & 22 April EUROPE, 09:00-19:30 (CET)

23 April CHINA & INDIA, 07:00-13:00 (CET)

to enable participation from all our priority markets / time zones. This means days can become extremely long and therefore it is important to block time slots for lunch, coffee breaks etc. However, each company can register two participants with separate schedules and thus maximize the effect of participation. As all meetings take place online, it is extra important that you as participants ensure that you give yourself and each other space in the schedule to break for meals and rest and most importantly some “Swedish fika” of course.

Welcome to Swedish Workshop Online!
We look forward to sharing this experience with you. Here are some important dates to keep track of. 

12 March  – Registration opens. 

8 April – Registration closes, all profiles must be updated. Registrations made after this date will not be included in manual.

9 AprilMeeting requests opens. There will be no pre-matched schedules. This means you will have full flexibility in requesting meetings and creating your own schedule.

15 April – Product/ Participant manuals will be available on your dashboard. To view or download.

20 April – Workshop, focus USA 

21-22 April  – Workshop, focus Europe

23 April – Workshop, focus China & India

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When registering as a participant, make sure you choose the correct participant category and agree to our privacy policy. Enter your company profile and personal data. In the networking profile, you describe your goals for Swedsih Workshop Online and enter other relevant information in order to find the perfect match amongst participants.

After a successful registration, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and Visit Sweden will then review and approve your participation. Once approved you can start requesting meetings with other participants..


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