Swedish Workshop Online 2021

20-23 April 2021

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April 20, 2021
Duration: 4 Days

Swedish Workshop Online 2021

Swedish Workshop Online 20-23 April 2021

Swedish Workshop Online is a virtual matchmaking event that Visit Sweden is hosting for the second time, after the success last year. It’s an opportunity for the travel trade to connect with Swedish tourism suppliers in a series of one to one meetings and make plans for the future. Regional tourist boards, receptive tour operators / DMCs, accommodation, transport, activity and service providers from Sweden will all be in attendance.

20 April 2021: USA

21-22 April 2021: Europe

23 April 2021: China & India

Online Workshop

You will meet potential business partners in pre-scheduled 20 - 30 min. meetings in one to one sessions online. All participants are subject to pre-registration and qualification. Once approved participants will be able to view and search for interesting profiles.

 What’s new?

  • Four days instead of two including two whole days for the European travel trade and one day each for Asia and USA. That way your Swedish Workshop becomes more relaxed. Just block time slots for your breaks.
  • Match making. There will be no pre-matched schedules this time. This means you will have full flexibility in requesting meetings and creating your own schedule. One week before event start, there will be a product/participant manual available, e.g. list and description of suppliers and buyers. This can be used to request meetings.
  • Sweden - the edible country, a never-before-seen gourmet concept in nature will participate as a supplier, which means you can meet with the 23 “tables” from Skåne in the south to Swedish Lapland in the north. Available for groups and FIT.  

Who can participate?

Representatives from the Swedish incoming tourism sector looking to connect or reconnect with international travel trade from primarily Visit Swedens focus markets: USA, China, India, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Suppliers pay a fee of 5000 SEK ex. VAT for two participants with separate schedules for all four days.

Tour operators and travel agents who are looking for new products and destinations and are involved in initiating or authorizing purchasing decisions on travel-related products and services, can register as Buyers free of charge.

Organizer: Visit Sweden
Project Manager: Ninnan Stenmark Åhlén, ninnan.stenmark@visitsweden.com

Contact per market

China: Dan Peng, Travel Trade Manager, dan.peng@visitsweden.com

France: Gabriel Dorch, Travel Trade Manager, Gabriel.dorch@visitsweden.com

India: Mohit Batra, mohit@compassconnexions.com 

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Ninnan Stenmark Åhlén, Travel Trade Manager, ninnan.Stenmark@visitsweden.com

Netherlands, Belgium: Jeffrey Kusnadi, Travel Trade Manager, jeffrey.kusnadi@visitsweden.com

UK: Gabriel Dorch, Travel Trade Manager, Gabriel.dorch@visitsweden.com

USA: Magnus Lindbergh, Travel Trade Manager, magnus.lindbergh@visitsweden.com